Metal / Alt-Metalcore / MO / USA
Gigawatt is: Steve Banks -guitars, bass, vocals, synths, and programming Featuring Scott LePage - lead guitars on The New Binary, Voyager 2, and Pandora All lyrics written by Steve Banks except "Aurapture" written by Tim Taylor All songs recorded at Ronnie James AuDio Jefferson County, MO. 2011-2018 Produced by GIGAWATT / Mixed and Engineered by Steve Banks Steve uses: Agile / Ibanez / Schecter Guitar Research / Line 6 / DiMarzio / Lundgren Pickups / Ernie Ball / Jim Dunlop Picks / Shure Microphones / Planet Waves Scott uses: Charvel / Gibson / Ibanez / Marshall / Line-6 / Digitech GIGAWATT uses: REAPER Digital Audio Workstation / Camel Audio / Native Instruments / U-he / Steven Slate Drums / H.G. Fortune Special thanks to Gunter Hager R.I.P. BIG THANKS: Chris Biermann, Scott LePage, Tim Taylor and the Cockos Confederation ¸ 2011-2018 Clever Intelligence Agency (music) ASCAP