Album: Laconic (2015)

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Song: Laconic

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Gigawatt is: Steve Banks -guitars, bass, vocals, synths, and programming

Featuring Scott LePage - lead guitars

All lyrics written by Steve Banks except "Aurapture" written by Tim Taylor

All songs recorded at Ronnie James AuDio
Jefferson County, MO.

Produced by GIGAWATT / Mixed and Engineered by Steve Banks

Steve uses: Agile / Ibanez / Schecter Guitar Research / Line 6 / DiMarzio / Lundgren Pickups / Ernie Ball / Jim Dunlop Picks / Shure Microphones / Planet Waves

Scott uses: Charvel / Gibson / Ibanez / Marshall / Line-6 / Digitech

GIGAWATT uses: REAPER Digital Audio Workstation / Mercuriall Audio Software / MeldaProduction / Camel Audio / Native Instruments / U-he / Steven Slate Drums / H.G. Fortune

Special thanks to Gunter Hager R.I.P.


Chris Biermann, Scott LePage, Tim Taylor and the Cockos Confederation
© 2011-2016 Clever Intelligence Agency (music) ASCAP